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21st May 18
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Long-term curriculum plan overviews for parents

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General Information

At Hoole St Michael, there is a firm belief within the whole school community that learning continues throughout life. To this effect, a significant proportion of time is spent on teaching children how to learn and so to equip them with the skills to continue learning throughout their years at St Michael and beyond. We also acknowledge that everyone, pupil, staff, parents and governors alike, are all learners. As such, we offer a learning environment where children can feel safe and free to take a risk and occasionally work outside their comfort zone, thus allowing challenge without stress.

We also recognise that every learner has different needs and so plan to include a variety of learning styles within our teaching and curriculum provision. Teaching and lesson delivery include visual, auditory and kinaesthetic methods. That is to say children learn through sight, sound and movement. All in all, every learner is valued as a unique individual and their learning path is created with their particular needs in mind.

Whilst the school recognises the demands of the new 2014 National curriculum, it is also recognises that wider experiences are also highly valuable. To this end, the school works hard to provide an enriched curriculum that celebrates wider learning such as the arts, sport, church and cultural events.

We at Hoole St. Michael, want our children to gain as many varied opportunities and experiences possible in the time they spend with us.  As such, an organised timetable is drawn up for each year, incorporating curriculum enrichment days/weeks.  We actively seek to engage the expertise of a variety of specialists.  We feel that in planning for this we are able to make necessary links between the school curriculum and life skills, along with being able to discover and showcase individual children’s talents.

At Hoole St Michael, we deliver and meet all statutory requirements of the National Curriculum and deliver all subjects as follows:

  • English,
  • Mathematics,
  • Science,
  • Religious Education,
  • Computing,
  • Geography,
  • History,
  • Physical Education,
  • Art and Design,
  • Personal, Social and Health Education
  • Music.

Key stage two children also receive a modern foreign language lesson, currently French.

How these subjects are delivered largely depends on the age and ability of the children. Children from their second year in school (Year 1 and older) are taught these subjects. However, where possible, links are made between the different subjects so children can learn to use and apply skills they have learnt in many different and imaginative ways.

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