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24th January 18
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Kids' Club

Kids' Club

Hoole St Michael’s Kids Club Limited

Hoole St Michael’s Kids Club Ltd offers wraparound care for your child at Hoole St Michael CE School between the hours of 7.45am and 6pm, through the provision of a before and after school club. The club caters for children in all years who attend the school, from reception upwards.

What is a Before School Club?

A Before School club provides care for children before the start of their school day.

Once registered and booked in, you can leave your child or children with us from 7.45am until the start of the school day. Children will be given the choice of foods from our breakfast menu, including: toast; cereals and fruit are always available, as is water, juice or milk to drink at both sessions.

Research into clubs has shown that:

They improve attendance at school.

Children are more relaxed and ready to learn if they have eaten and had an enjoyable start to the day.

They help to improve concentration and academic performance.

They provide a healthy meal at the beginning of the day.

They provide a safe, familiar, warm environment.

They develop social skills and interaction.

They provide continuity of care.

Benefits for parents:

Reassurance that your children are safe and in school at the correct time.

Enable the return to full-, part- or shift work or training.

What does the after school club offer?

A club for working parents, those who wish to return to training or those that just need to take a well earned break. Once registered and booked in, you can leave your children with us from the end of the school day until 6pm.


3.15pm Register/circle time

3.30 – 4.30pm free play/self directed play.

4.30pm Club snack:

Filled sandwiches/toast/crackers

Fresh salad

Variety of fresh fruit

Water/fruit juice

Occasional treats include:

Party food, cake and sausage rolls.

4.45 to 5.30pm freeplay/self directed play.

5.30 to 6.00pm Quiet time, circle games, tidy away.

What can the children expect?

The club was last inspected on January 2014 when it recieved a GOOD rating. Activities are always varied so that children will always be entertained. The club offers a wide range of activities including extensive arts and crafts, educational learning such as puzzles, construction toys and board games. We also supply a range of books. For special occasions we also have a Nintendo Wii. We also promote team building and physical activities via the indoor and outdoor sports such as football, dodge ball, rounders, cricket and snooker.

For further details and information please contact the Bursar Phone: 01772 613219 or kids club on the mobile within section times – 07759069772, or talk to Mrs Shirley Walsh.

Email: bursar@hoole.lancs.sch.uk

Price Guide

Breakfast Club £3.25 /session - including breakfast                        

After school Club sessions:

3.15 – 6pm £7.55 including snack. For a full session.

We also offer an early bird service from 3.15 until 4.15 for parents who need that extra hour, at £3.70/child/session.
For after school club there is a two week menu with children having a choice of foods to eat. Allergies or dietary needs are always catered for please see any a member of staff.

Payment Methods

Payments are made through ParentPay and Child Care voucher, we cannot accept any cash payments. Hoole St Michael’s Kids’ Club Limited. Please let staff know if your child is not attending a session or if they are going home with another adult.


Staff are fully qualified according to the Ofsted Guidelines, hold a current police check and have on-going individual professional development.

Breakfast club
Shirley Walsh Supervisor

Relevant qualifications-: N.N.E.B, Paediatric first aid, Safeguarding level 3, Food hygiene.
Victoria Monaghan -: Paediatric first Aid, Safeguarding level 3, Food Hygiene.

Victoria Monaghan. As above.

Sharon Eaves-: NVQ level 3, Paediatric first aid, Safeguarding level 3.
Kathy Falkingham, Safeguarding level 2.
Kathy Brogden Safeguarding level 2

Victoria Monaghan is at afterschool Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
SharonEaves is at afterschool Tuesday and Thursday.

Kathy Brogden works Monday, Tuesday.
Kathy Falkingham works on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Kids' Club (Before and After school provision) information (POWERPOINT)





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